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Terms of complaint handling provide for applications arising from defects of goods purchased at Softland Sp z o.o.

§ 1

The faulty goods need to be delivered to the Softland Company Complaints Department:

a) Complete, that is containing all the elements of the sets, with which it was purchased

b) Duly secured for transport  - in a way that excludes doubt whether the defect reported has araised at the User, or during transport

c) The package needs to contain the information, that it is addressed to the Complaints Department

d) At the expense of the Customer, who is not Consumer.

 § 2

Complaints will be dealt with within:

a) 21 working days for applications of the RMA procedure (see § 3)

b) 40 working days in all other cases

§ 3

Before sending the package containing the defected goods, Customer shall:

a) Send an e-mail with complaint application to , using a form applicable in the Softland Company

(download form) and (editable complain form)

b) Wait for the RMA number to be assigned -  it will be sent via e-mail within 2 working days of complain notification receipt

c) Address the package with a clear indication that it is destined to the Complaints Department

§ 4

In each case the Complaint Department shall verify the correctness of the product and the documents submitted with the data contained in the complaint protocol referred to in § 3 point a). In the case of non-compliance, the complaint will be processed within the period specified in § 2 point b)

§ 5

The Complaint Department shall in each case test item to confirm the reported defects.

§ 6

If a need occurs to return the goods to the manufacturer - the complaint consideration time may be extended.

§ 7

Complaints shall not cover:

a) The factory features of the product

b) Mechanical, thermal and chemical damages to housing, components and assemblies

c) Damage caused by incorrect handling, installation, operation and storage of the product (supply voltage, temperature, humidity) as well as force majeure and natural disasters (fire, flood or other acts of God)

d) Damage resulting from the use the product not in accordance with the instructions and its intended purpose

e) Natural signs of product consumption arising during its operation

f) Complaints that don't include the documentation required

g) Damage to goods arising or which might arise due to improper protection during transport from the Customer to the Complaints Department

§ 8

Complaints will not be considered if:

a) Product was not purchased at Softland sp. z o.o.

b) Consignment was not provided with appropriate documents

c) Attempts of self-repair or modification of the product were discovered

§ 9


The product delivered to the Complaints Department needs to comply with the basic conditions of hygiene. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected and defective goods returned to the customer.

§ 10

After the repair, the product is transferred to the Customer in the packaging, in which it was sent to the Complaints Department. There is no possibility to get a new packaging.

§ 11

The Complaint Department of the Softland Company reserves the right to require the submission of documents confirming the purchase of the product under complaint.

§ 12

If the product is not accepted for repair - it will be sent back to the Customer in the state in which it was delivered to the Softland Company Complaints Department along with written reasons for the decision.